So what makes Randhawa Hospital so special?

  • We are one of the oldest noninvasive centers in the world.Established in 1994 when for the first time it was proven to the world that Aggressive Medical Treatment and Lifestyle management could avoid Bypass Surgery.
  • Dr. SJS Randhawa a noninvasive cardiologist with 32 years experience in New Delhi, Vadodara, Pune, Bangalore and Los Angeles (USA).
  • Caring for the needs of the medical tourists since 2003. Our patients have come from all over the world after seeing our results on the web- USA, UK, Canada, Bulgaria, Muscat and Oman, Nepal, Australia, Sudan and South Africa.
  • We offer the highest success rate for the relief of angina and congestive cardiac failure due to CAD-coronary artery disease.Up to 95%.
  • We accept the most serious patients who have lost all hope and turned away by other hospitals as “hopeless”.These include Bypass failures, Stent reocclusions, advanced Cardiac failure, Kidney failure, Diabetes, severe Hypertension and Morbid Obesity (up to 130 Kg).All these diseases are treated in addition to EECP / ECP.
  • So if someone says “Nothing can be done”-don’t believe him.A LOT can be done. Human life is too precious to abandon.
  • We are the only center in the world offering ECP and AMT or OMT (optimized medical treatment).So the success rate of ECP alone 75% is increased to 95%.
  • We have a fully integrated Cardiac center along with our ECP center with Monitors, Defibrillators, piped Oxygen, and Ventilators.So in case of an unexpected emergency, the patient can be promptly be taken care of.Most other ECP centers are outdoor facilities with accommodation in Hotels at a distance.
  • Our Hospital is ISO 9001-2000 certified by American National Accreditation Board.
  • 100% English speaking staff.
We provide 24 hours round the clock services