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Harbans Singh

This 56-year-old Divisional Manager forest development corporation at Chamba HP,is an old case of Diabetes and high Blood pressure.On 9th Feb 2009, he developed severe chest pain and Angiography revealed severe Triple vessel disease.Blood tests also showed that due to Diabetes his kidneys had become very weak and his Urea was 160 (normal 20-40) and Creatinine was 3.5 (normal 0.6-1.2).He was advised immediate Bypass Surgery.But he was also advised by other doctors that with a damaged kidney his chances of death were very high and there was a 50% chance of further damage to his kidney needing dialysis for life.His EF was 35% which was another risk factor.With this information in mind, he refused Bypass surgery and came to us for EECP+AMT.

We explained to him that there was a zero % chance of complications with our procedure and that his kidney would also benefit from EECP.We started treatment on 25 Feb 2009 and completed 35 one-hour sessions.

His chest pain completely disappeared and he no longer had any shortness of breath.His urine flow returned to normal.What was really satisfying was that his kidney function improved beyond expectations.His Urea was 43 and Creatinene 1.3,both near normal.One month ago no doctor had given him even a remote chance of his kidney ever recovering normal function.His EF improved from 38% to 50% and he could now walk 2Km daily.

S. Anokh Singh

This 72 year old ex serviceman had severe chest pain on minimal exertion in September 2006.In Dec 2007 he suffered a major heart attack.On 31.Jan 2007 he got angiography done at Escorts Hospital Amritsar,which revealed blockages in the three arteries ranging from 60% to 100% in four different places.His heart functioning was affected and his EF was only 45%.He was advised immediate Bypass Surgery.His surgery would have been done free of cost-being an ex army man-even then he refused to undergo the risk in view of his age.

Instead, he opted for the much safer EECP+AMT course at Randhawa Hospital Amritsar. We started his treatment on 10th Feb 2007 and he successfully completed 35 one hour sessions of ECP.His pain disappeared,chest felt very light and he started walking after an almost bedridden condition of 4 months.

Today on 5th Sept 2008, 18months later he is completely pain free and walks at a brisk pace for ONE HOUR.Truly remarkable!!


In this case a 72 year old with triple vessel disease needing IMMEDIATE surgery 18 months ago,is completely painfree and has not needed a second course of EECP till date.If this is not avoiding Bypass Surgery what is?

Surinder Kaur

This 63 year old lady has Diabetes and High blood pressure since last 10 years.She has been having chest pain since 1998.In Feb 2004 she had an Inferior wall Myocardial Infarction (heart attack) with a pulse rate of only 34 per minute and Blood pressure of 80/0 mm of Hg. A pace maker had to be put in at Tagore Hospital Jalandhar to save her life. By June 2004 her chest pain worsened and had breathlessness on minimal exertion, and she was then advised Bypass Surgery. Being a diabetic, physically very weak, having an EF (ejection fraction) of just 30%, she refused surgery.

We started her on EECP+AMT on 10th November 2004.Her pacemaker gave us no trouble at all and the EECP machine triggering was perfectly normal.She completed her course of 35 one hour sittings.

It has been Four and half year since we treated her. She has never had chest pain since that day. She has no difficulty in breathing while walking 1000 mtrs. Pace maker is functioning normally. Her EF today is 42 %

Naseeb Kaur

This 65 yr old lady suffered chest pain since last 4 yrs and also had high BP. She did not want to undergo Angiography to diagnose her heart problem because she was afraid of all the pipes and catheters going in and out of her body. We did blood tests, ECHO and TMT and diagnosed severe CAD –heart disease. She started on EECP on 23 Jan 2007 and was completely relieved of her chest pain.Her BP was also controlled and she lost 13Kg weight in the next four months. Her arthritis improved tremendously and she can now walk 1Km without any problems. She was treated without the need for Angiography.

Dhira Singh

This Government Officer is an old case of Diabetes and high blood pressure since 10 years. Early 2006: Two heart attacks and on angio doctors found All three arteries blocked 90%, 100% and 80%. He Was advised immediate bypass surgery which he refused. 2006: He completed ECP+AMT from Randhawa Hospital. After six years he is perfectly leading a healthy life. He has reduced 8 Kg. weight. His all tests are now normal.

After 2 heart attacks & all three arteries blocked you still can avoid Bypass Surgery.

Surjit Singh Dhillon

This Diabetic since 12yrs with high BP since 7 yr. Had severe chest pain for 7 days. Angiography done at BBC /Pruthi hospital Jalandhar on 09 Oct 06 showed all three arteries blocked 80%,80%, 70% and 70% at four different places. He also had serious ventricular arrhythmias. He was rightly advised immediate Bypass Surgery .However he did not want to take such a major surgical risk so he chose EECP at Randhawa Hospital,Amritsar starting from 12 Oct 2006. Today SIX AND A HALF YEARS LATER he is off all antidiabetic medicines and has never had chest pain since then.He has rejoined his duties as a BDO and walks three Km twice daily.

H.S. Dhot (Senior Advocate)

Age : 63 Years

One of the most respected intellectuals of Amritsar city had a massive heart attack in Jan 05. No Diabetes, No high BP. After the attack his EF fell to 20% only(Normal 55 to 75%).

He was unfit for surgery with such a low EF. Started ECP on 1st SEPT 06 and by 10th OCT his EF had improved to 29%. You can now meet him at the Company Bagh during his morning walk of 4 Kms daily.

Thanku You

Mrs Ruby Tandon

This 44yr old housewife is an old case of severe Hypertension(high BP)since 10years.In 2003 she started getting chest pain on exertion.This gradually worsened inspite of treatment.In Jan 2004 during peak winters in Amritsar when temperatures drop to Zero degrees,she got severe chest pain with sweating and a sense of impending death.She was admitted to a local hospital and diagnosed as Unstable Angina and severe hypertension BP 210/110.She was advised Coronary angiography which she refused.Chest pain got from bad to worse.She stopped socialising and had to discontinue her kitty parties.So much so she could not even walk to the kitchen due to severe chest pain.At the age of 40 she was practically bedridden. It was then that she decided to try out EECP which was new in Amritsar at that time.She completed the course of 35 one hour sittings along with Aggressive medical treatment.There was a dramatic transformation in her life.It was difficult for her to believe that the pain which was her constant companion for two years was no longer present.

She is now an active socialite and leads a happy life with her businessman husband and two wonderful sons.She also actively advocates EECP to all heart patients. I must give back something to the procedure which has given me a new - LIFE WITHOUT PAIN.

Kirpal Singh

March 2006: Diabetes since 25 yrs; Poorly controlled Blood Sugar 307mg% even with 48 units of Insulin + 1700 mg Metformin. Severe chest pain at night needing 4 tablets of Sorbitrate daily.Weight 98 Kg.

Took EECP(ECP) treatment from 13 March to 24 April 2006.

Unbelievable improvement.

April 2008: Weight 84 Kg- 14 Kg weight loss.

No chest pain in the last nine months.

Blood Sugar 100 to 120 fasting since April.Insulin dosage reduced from 48 units to 10 units per day.Metformin reduced from 1700 to 250 mg per day.

Tremendous change in quality of life!!



Anokh Singh

Age: 72 Year, House No 3, Gali 20, Abadi Gobindpura, P.O. Rayon silk mills, Amritsar.

Surinder Kaur

#716/10, Subhash Nagar, Dutt Road Moga, Punjab


Vill Kokri Phoola Singh, Moga


Revenue Officer, Amritsar road, Opp. DAV school, Bhikhiwind


Govt Block Development Officer MOGA II, Vill Thamanwalla Distt Moga

H.S. Dhot

Age: 63 Year, 48 Golden Avenue, Amritsar

Mrs Ruby Tandon

Age : 45 Year 4-Brahm Nagar, Amritsar

Kirpal Singh

Age: 65 yr, Krishna Square II Shivala, Amritsar

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