Treatment Cost

In Randhawa Hospital Amritsar the total package cost is the US $ 3500. This includes 35 one-hour EECP (ECP) sittings + Complete Blood Tests including Lipid Profile, TMT Test, and ECHO.

The above tests are done both before and after the treatment; this is done to provide proof of improvement after the EECP(ECP). At no other hospital are these tests included in the package nor are they done twice.

Patients are required to stay in the hospital.Room rent, doctors fees, nursing charges, cost of medicines, food etc is different for different categories of accommodation. One attendant can stay free of cost in the patient’s room.

Arrangement for attendants accommodation can be made within the hospital @ US$ 40/day AC, @ US$ 50/Day in 3 Star Hotel within 800 Meters of the Hospital or @ US$ 70/Day in 4 Star Hotel within 2km.

Compare UK (United Kingdom)

At Vasogenic UK, EECP(ECP) is administered in 1-hour sessions, 5 days a week for 7 weeks at The Cromwell Hospital in London. The cost of the treatment is £10,500.

Compare USA (United State America)

Cost of 35 one-hour sessions in the US varies from USD 7000 to 9000. This does not include any tests or a doctors opinion or guidance for Advanced Medical Treatment AMT.

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