Foreign Patients Reviews

Nasser Al Rahbi

Patient came with angina on minimal exertion since last 3months.Inspite of medications he did not get any releif.CART at Royal Hospital Oman revealed severe TVD with an EF of 30%.Advised CABG which he refused.He came to us with a request for noninvasive management of CAD-stable angina.

Invasive, very effective treatment oWe gave him 35 one hour sessions of EECP over a period of thirty days. (EECP is a USFDA approved, external, nonf CAD.).

Under the all inclusive Aggressive Medical Treatment(AMT) we did the following:

High dose statins-Atorvastatin 80 mg daily.

ACE inhibitors-full dose titrated to a BP of just above 100 systolic.

Full dose Beta blockers titrated to a pulse rate of just under 60.

Zero fat diet + 1Kg of raw fruits and salads + 100 gm of steamed fish + complete avoidance of dairy products + 200 ml of fruit juice + cereals restricted to 100 gms per day + 200 gms of boiled vegetables + 50 gms of boiled pulses/lentils + 30 gms dry fruit.

Graded, gradually progressively increasing, exercise, under supervision.

Yoga and meditation to reduce stress levels.

The aim of all this was to reduce his LDL levels to less than 70mg.


This 48 yr old Govt Employee is a resident of Muscat.He has been suffering from CAD-Coronary Artery Disease since the last 16years.Troubled with increasing angina he got his first Bypass surgery done in Jordan in 1996.He was free from angina for about 4 years;then again started getting severe chest pain on walking.Medicines seemed to work but for a very short while.In desperation he had to undergo a second Bypass surgery in 2003 at Chennai India.

Now since last 2years he again has incapacitating angina.He consulted doctors in India,Muscat and Germany but they all told him the same thing-There is nothing more we can do for you.You have to be controlled with medicines alone.But medicines were woefully inadequate.He had severe chest pain even while buttoning his shirt and combing his hair.His wife had to do it for him.He had to take upto 8 sublingual Nitrite sprays in a day.

It was then that he met one of our patients Mr Ali Ahmed in Muscat who told him about our treatment.He joined Randhawa Hospital on 1st October 2009.He had an EF of just 20% with an akinetic SEPTUM and severely hypokinetic Posterior wall (which in laymans language means completely hopeless with impending death).We gave him one course of 35 hr EECP sessions and AMT-Advanced Medical Treatment.He showed moderate improvement and we decided to give him a second course.Most patients do not need a second course but Abdulla was an exception.


For us he was a challenge.For him it was do or die.

We finished the second course on 12th Nov 2009.By now Abdulla was walking 3Km daily twice a day with two one minute stops.His derailed life was back on track.We do not promise nor do we know how long the good effects will last in this case.But when you are staring death in the face even one year is a long time.A drowning man clutched at a straw and survived.

Dr Abdool Hamid Hoosen

This 51 yr old doctor from Johanesburg South Africa came to us with a history of having had 10 (TEN) stents implanted in his heart over the last 12 years.Now that no more stents can be placed and he being unfit for Bypass Surgery ,the only option left for him is EECP+AMT.

He is a Diabetic since 22yrs and Hypothyroid since 10 years.Also a heavy smoker since last 33 yrs. In 1997 at the age of just 40yrs,he got his first heart attack.The doctors found multiple blockages and put in 5 stents in LAD, and three in LCX and its branches because both these major arteries were blocked at five places.

In 2001 he had another episode of chest pain but no MI,angiography was done,one old Stent was cleared of clots and one new one put in LAD.

In July 2006 he had another MI which could not be thrombolysed in time, so two more stents were put in after an interval of 2 months.

In August 2008 while on a fishing holiday in Zambia he had a massive heart attack and had to airlifted to Johanesburg, South Africa, and two stents were put in, as an emergency procedure to save his life.His EF just after the stents was 33%. In January 2009 his condition deterirated and he had heaviness of chest with severe breathlessness on minimal exertion.He consulted his cardiologist who said nothing more could be done.

The cardiothoracic surgeon ruled out Bypass Surgery He consulted other cardiologists and surgeons in Europe and the US, but all said the same thing Medical science cannot help you anymore. So he was in advanced cardiac failure Class IV with an EF of 30%,and poorly controlled diabetic on 100 units of insulin per day with a random blood sugar of 526mg%. We started him on AMT and EECP at Randhawa Hospital,and he showed remarkable recovery.By the end of 1st week,he had quit smoking,could walk 400 meters without breathlessness and his fasting Blood sugar was 122mg.

Mr Sayed EL Haj

I hope you are very well. Really, we would like on behalf of my father, all family members, relatives & friends in Sudan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, USA and others living in different parts of the world and all people who know my father would like to express our sincere thanks and acknowledgement very deep from our heart wishing you all the best in your life for what you have done to our father Mr Sayed EL Haj.

Your hospitality, kindness, and great care are highly appreciated. You cannot imagine the feelings of our father who is narrating his story to every body from the first day of arrival at Randhawa Hospital and his improvement day by day until he finished his EECP & AMT. This incredible treatment which is not available in any part of the world.

Dr Randhawa is very generous, kind, faithful who makes dreams come true. The words cannot express the actual feeling towards all the efforts you have done to our father.

Many thanks to you and kind regards.

Sammani, Samia and all relatives & friends of Sayed EL Haj

I am willing to guide all patients on the benefits of EECP+AMT and as to why Randhawa Hospital is the best in the world.


Anthony Sims - ENGLAND

Dear Dr Randhawa,

I am sorry I wasn't able to say a personal farewell to you on my last day in Amritsar, but I want to thank you for all you did for me during my stay. I look upon you not only as my doctor but also as my friend.

I also want to say thank you to all the staff at the hospital, who were especially kind to me. You have great people working for you.

Now that I am back I feel ten years younger, and considerably fitter more able to cope with the weather here. It's fairly cold, and soon there will be frosts - not at all like the delightful sunshine in Amritsar. I will try to build on the magnificent start you have given me in my rejuvenation. I will contact you when I have compiled the cognitive statistics for October and November. I have high hopes that the figures will show an improvement. I certainly feel more bright and alert, but such things are so subjective.

Thank you once again for a really transforming experience.

Tony (Anthony)

John Clayton - AUSTRALIA

Hi Doctor,

It is sometime since we have spoken so an update is in order. Things are going well with my health. My angina and chest pressure is there, but at much lower levels than before the ECP. I can play table tennis without experiencing angina, and I can walk up steep hills in the area here without discomfort.

If I walk uphill after a large meal I don't have to stop, but I do feel some tingling extending to my arms. With jogging, I can jog further and I do finish feeling a lot better than before but there is some pressure there. I am trying not to push the jogging too hard - my jogging circuit involves a 400m uphill jog to start, and my GP says that is too tough for my age and condition. I don't know and with a possible septal hypertrophy condition I have been very wary about tough exercise. (By "tough" I mean exercise in the range where I experience significant pressure and pain in my chest.)

My GP advises me to keep it in the zone where I am comfortable - below the discomfort level. I have seen my Cardiologist and he seemed very pleased with my condition (ie especially with the ECP - he has ordered a machine - first in Australia I believe.) I showed him your echo results and he said it was difficult to compare those directly with his, since the methods and machines used were different. He complimented you for the quality and thoroughness of your work.

He ordered another echo here. The results showed that the septal hypertrophy was not serious, and he classed my echo result as generally good. This has been a very great relief to me - another condition to deal with was not what I wanted. (If you are interested I can scan his report and email it to you - please let me know.) The Cardiologist was impressed with your attention to medication, and after reviewing the list told me to keep on it.

He said I could probably go back to the daily nitrate (as you suggested). This was before the echo cardiogram conducted here. I have tried that but stopped it due to frequent headaches. Now, since the septal hypertrophy does not appear to be as serious as first thought, both my GP and cardiologist seem happier with this course of action.

Best regards to you and your staff,

John Clayton

Dr Boris Gudunov M.D ( South Africa)

He is a 63year old Medical doctor,specialist in Internal medicine, working in Port Elizabeth,South Africa.Diagnosed as CAD / Triple vessel disease / HT in June 2008.

He has severe hypertension and had one episode of Acute LVH (left ventricular failure) leading to pulmonary edema, needing hospitalization. Cardiologists and cardiothoracic surgeons in South Africa advised immediate Bypass Surgery .He refused to be cut up and choose to undergo EECP+AMT at Randhawa Hospital at Amritsar. Started treatment on 10th November 2008 and is currently with us. You may speak to him on his mobile No +91-98880-44566 during daytime only.He can tell you about his experience, hospitality, efficacy of treatment, living conditions and safety in Amritsar.

His email :

Ali Hamed Abdulla Al Habsi Oman

This 58yr old Omani national had blockages of all three arteries of the heart(LAD 80% mid;LCX 60% proximal;RCA 100% mid). His heart was dilated and globular with EF 45% and severe MR-mitral regurgitation . He was advised Triple Bypass Surgery + repair of Mitral valve at Royal Hospital Oman. He had multiple other problems like Obesity, severe gout, cervical lymphadenopathy, enlarged liver, ascites, pedal edema ,difficulty in breathing even at rest, palpitations with sweating and mild renal impairment. All of which made his otherwise dangerous operation even more precarious.

For him one choice was leading a bedridden life in the ICU,where every breath was torture.The other choice was life threatening double surgery of Bypass Surgery +Mitral valve repair with an expected 15% chance of death and 30% chance of serious complications. He also had a large hydrocele since last two years which was painful and troublesome and which no doctor would operate because of his heart condition.

He also visited Apollo Hospital Chennai where his EF was found to be 35% and he was again advised high risk CABG.

He finally came to us on 05.08.08 and opted for a course of EECP+AMT which we promised him was 100% safe. We started treatment for his advanced failure and then gave him twice daily ECP .Within 5 days his breathing improved,swelling feet disappeared, ascites and size of liver reduced.On the 14th day we operated upon his hydrocele successfully. By the 20th day he was walking 500 meters without pain or breathlessness.

We also put him under the care of a physiotherapist for his gout and osteoarthritis of both knees and left shoulder.

After a month he was discharged in fine shape and walking 1000 meters at a brisk pace. Mr ALI had avoided Bypass Surgery .

Patrick Brigham - An Englishman living in Bulgaria

I am 60 years of age, and until last September I firmly believed that I was Peter Pan. But then the breath got shorter, and I found myself one day, taking shop window rests on the way to see my local Bulgarian doctor. There followed a mishap in December where I ended up in a local Sofia hospital, suspected of having a heart attack. Not true, and followed by some basic horse doctoring, I finally; and earlier this year, ended up looking at my heart through a TV monitor. Cardiologist Prof. Finkov said the words triple bypass,' and my response was: ' no bloody way, I am too young!' So it was time to hit the Internet.

In passing, I have quite a lot of respect for certain Eastern European doctors, but with some reservations. My experience comes from the fact that I help to run a medical aid organization, in my spare time, but they have many technical and personal biases, unfortunately carved in ex-communist granite.

The EECP(ECP) treatment, I was apprehensive about in the beginning, became easy after a very few days, and the holistic view of my condition evident by the medical control, exercise and moral support. Great people, and an interesting place - Amritsar was a very good choice, both entertaining, spiritual, and educational. Now with an average BP of 115/70, diabetes totally under control, weight down to 74 kilo's - four to go - I get about as before, and work with ease, although I occasionally get tired in the afternoon, and have been known to have a nap.

I hope that this has encouraged you to consider Randhawa Hospital, because - if you are anything like me - you will not only be feeling better, but taking away some very fond memories.

Email :


Age & Sex : 72M


Age: 48 yr, Residence: Muscat


Age: 51 yr, Residence: South Africa

Sayed EL Haj

Residence: Sudan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, USA


Residence: England


Residence: AUSTRALIA


Age: 63 Year, South Africa


Age & Sex : 58 year/M


Age: 60 yr, An Englishman living in Greece

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