Advanced Medical Treatment

heart attack

Most cardiothoracic institutes use very small doses of Beta blockers, ACE inhibitors, Statins & Fibrates after Angioplasty (stenting) or bypass surgery. This results in re-blockage of arteries after 2-4years.

The advantage of EECP(ECP) combined with AMT is that we can use suitable and full doses of protective drugs because the patient is under such close observation for 35 days so there are no chances of unobserved side effects. We exceed the targets set by AHA (American Heart Association), ATP III panel for cholesterol management and by ADA (American Diabetes Association).

We aim to reduce Cholesterol to < 150, Triglycerides to < 100, LDL to < 70, VLDL to < 25 and increase HDL to > 45. It has now been proved that if these targets can be achieved then disease progression is not only completely stopped but even the existing blockages are removed. So after EECP(ECP) and AMT there is a very good chance you may never have heart disease again.

Advantages of AMT

  • Cholesterol < 150.
  • Triglycerides < 100.
  • LDL < 70.
  • VLDL < 25.
  • HDL > 45.
  • Negligible chance of unobserved side effects.
  • Very few chance of re-blockage after EECP(ECP) and AMT.
  • 95% success rate in relieving angina.
  • Appropriate weight loss achieved.
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